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Entrepreneurship Service at the University and the University of Applied Sciences of Osnabrueck (Universität und Hochschule Osnabrueck)

All members of the Osnabrueck universities (students, professors, research assistants and alumni) who are interested in creating their own business can address to the ES OS for support and promotion.

A wide range of support measures accompany the future entrepreneurs on their way to business foundation, starting with developing business ideas, then training the soft skills and achieving business know-how and finally obtaining funding such as government grants.

University members can choose the support they are interested in:

1. Opportunities and risks of business creation

                raising awareness for entrepreneurship

2. Seminars and individual advice


3. Business plans and funding


Entrepreneurship Services of the Osnabrueck Universities


The Entrepreneurship Service is...

… the central contact pointfor all members of the Osnabrueck Universities who are interested in an entrepreneurial foundation.

The Entrepreneurship Service guides and advices potential entrepreneurs on their way to occupational autonomy.

The Entrepreneurship Service already starts at a verly early stage of idea concretion and encloses all aspects of entrepreneurial foundation (e.g. economic and financial feasability analysis, businessplan advice and coaching).